Battle Stations

It’s emotionally draining, physically hard, mentally exhausting, and we wouldn’t change a thing! We love shooting kids, we love pushing ourselves to see what we can do better. It’s the right outfit, hair style, angle of the cameras and quality of the light.

This stretch of video shooting for Hasbro was so fulfilling. We got some beautiful, real footage and I personally can’t wait to see it! Here are some BTS of all the people needed to make it happen!

Has it been that long?

Time does fly. We all have been working on back to back projects. Here are a few shots from a Hasbro project that involved video and stills at the same time. It’s something more and more clients have been asking for.

Not in Here

It’s snowing outside but not in here. We had another day UNDER THE DOME shooting footage for a few more spots. We even got some underwater footage. I can share the final spots in 2017, so for now I can show some BTS.

Please note the tattoo on Darren’s chest, always the camera man..

BTW I’d like to introduce Owen, our new assistant/digital tech!