One thing the studio has is an unobstructed view to the sunrises and sunsets. While we were on set the other day, we noticed another amazing sunset. My assistants went to the roof and grabbed some shots.

If anyone wants to see one come on over.

New Year

I promise we have been busy and need to catch up with our posts. Lots of pre-production  plans and juggling around of schedules.

Here is a taste of what the new year is bringing; stills, video, babies, kids and adults. Promise more BTW images to follow!

Happy New Year everyone!

New Client

We spend several days at this new home/location shooting for a new client. It had 6000 sq ft and we still managed to utilze all the space. We had a blast. If our days are filled with babies and kids, it can only be a good thing.

Baby Boats, Baby Boats, Baby Boats

Try saying that 3 times fast. When we shoot these boats, floats and vests with babies and kids what does go fast is time.

Thinking it would be too cold to shoot outside we spent the day inside shooting footage for some videos. It was 82 out!