This week we spent sometime in the pool! Isn’t that what summer is for! We shot a bit of fashion with 2 swimmers/models from Dynasty, Caleb Coleman and Addison Condon.

Stylist Kara Ktona from Anchor Artists.

Here are a few snaps of us!

Underwater01 Underwater02 Underwater03

Paper Dress Story

Every once in a while you come across a great story that is just begging to get out. I met a wonderful designer, Sophia Pantazopoulos, and she designs in tissue paper. There were so many great photographs of the girls and the designs it was hard to pick! You can see our designer hard at work in the photograph of the red dress. Did I mention she is 12?!

I’ve added these to the “Teen Flair” portfolio on my site.

BlueDress_ HeadShot_ MulticoloredDress_ PinkDress_ RedDress_ WhiteDress_ YellowDress_

Paper Dresses

We had the opportunity to work with a very talented, up and coming fashion designer, Sophia Pantazopoulos. She works in paper! Her designs and the final images are due out soon. Oh and did I say our desinger is 12! I did want to share some of the behind the scenes.Rina andpaper dress Mari and Marina Finishing touch Annika and head piece Gabriella Gabriella in makeup Marina

Last Days of Summer Video

Please enjoy Coppola Studios’ newest video—Last Days of Summer. 
Kids, beach, sand castles and even a shark…what could be more fun than that! 
We've also updated our home page with a few new images.