New client

We worked with a new client in a beautiful location up near Manchester By The Sea.

Seeing the ocean has such a calming effect, I think it helped the shoot! We had some cutie pies to shoot and worked with a new stylist Janice Dunwoody. She has such a great eye. Kids always bring a spontaneity to the day.

So Many Moments

We just finished a shoot that lasted 7 days. It included 2 locations and studio time. It was time consuming, long physical days at least for the assistants 🙂 and was all we thought about morning, noon and night.

I wouldn’t have traded it for anything! We were creatively free to think and explore and the crew, clients and talent were great. The whole thing was wicked awesome. 🙂




Corey be 4

“Corey, can you be 4 please?”, Angela.

Corey being 3 Julie Paquette worked with me, Corey, Julie Silva and Ryan Jolley to get the perfect image for the Back to School cover for Northshore magazine. Look for it in August.20150715_Northshore12754 20150715_Northshore13017