We welcomed Arnold Worldwide into the studio shooting stills for billboards with a new client. I love shooting babies, especially newborns. My stylist, Julie Paquette, was in heaven. Every time she was off set she was holding someone’s newborn. In some cases my camera was as big as the babies, just crazy.

It’s Out!


HasbroI’ve started directing some spots for Hasbro. Right now 2 are out for Playskool. If you go to the Playskool home page they are on the bottom. I can’t show them here for legal reasons. What I love about directing is it allows me to extend the story beyond the single photograph. Go take a look! Would love the feedback.

Here is an BTS photo!

The First Years Site

Wanted to share a few images of mine up on The First Years site. Lots of local talent in there. Everyone should go take a look and see if your little one is in there!

Here are a few images on the site. Go to my blog to see them all.