Preparing for War

Put away anything that can break, throw a few rolls of extra toilet paper in the bathrooms, warn the tentants in the building, have McDonalds add a few more crew members, fill the hand santizers, it must be casting time. Yes it was time to see who would win, the kids or me and my crew.  All I have to say is 4 days, 2083 kids! We are all still standing and yes my crew members are still talking to me.

2/23 “If you are wondering how I got this on my forehead. I cracked a peanut on my head”. Davis age 8 pointing to a scratch on his forehead.

2/24 No quote of the day but we had blood and a sprained ankle!

2/25 “Skylar is still in the building” Gina a producer saying a little girl who just would not stop crying kept coming back.

2/26 “She’s smiling but I don’t think she’s breathing”  Melissa,a producer.

Mr. Rat, the tickler and Nemo make an appearance. I needed all the help I could get:

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