Technical Terms Heard Around the Studio

Technical Terms Heard Around the Studio, LL Bean Shoot 5/7-5/16

Used when describing hair:

  • “Bat wingy”
  • “Helmety”
  • “Dorsal fin”
  • “Tossely”
  • “Foxy noggin”

Used when describing clothing:

  • “Butt wrinkle”
  • “Cashmere pits” (as in armpits)
  • “Boom booms” (referring to bulges in sweater)
  • “Fold/crease management” (as in, “we need some fold/crease management on this garment”)
  • “Man curl” (referring to cuff of sleeve)
  • “Shacket” (shirt + jacket)
  • “Linebacker-y” (as in, “his shoulders look linebackery-y in that sweater)
  • “Beef rolly” or, “Sausagey”

Used to give direction to model:

  • “More (butt) clench please.”
  • “Slumpier!”
  • “Super Schlumpy!”
  • “Walk the plank,” (referring to foam core buffer to keep floor clean)

Other, use as necessary:

  • “Badonkadonk” (referring to a derriere) or, “Kaboonka” (hair stylist attempting to say “Badonkadonk”)

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